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Ties that bind

Over the years I’ve run several role-playing campaigns with various systems and settings, from King Arthur Pendragon to Shadowrun and Beyond the Supernatural. While most of these campaigns have been fun enough to run and play, only two of them stand out as especially memorable: a Vampire the Masquerade campaign I ran some ten years ago, set in ancient Rome, and the Smallville campaign I’m currently running. While pondering what exactly has made those campaigns click, I noticed that there’s one significant element they both have in common.

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Homemade Smallville distinctions

Besides my Over the Edge series, I’m currently running an another campaign using the Smallville system. The setting of the campaign is a homegrown one and it emerged from an impromptu one-shot game I ran at Ropecon two years ago. The Leads – player characters – are a group of supervillains who call themselves The Aristocrats and specialize in high-profile robberies, although the spotlight has been more on the character-driven conflicts and tensions within the team, as befits the system.

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