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News from the Edge, part 2

And now some more diegetic role-playing journalism from my Over the Edge series – the next two Al Amarja Today articles written for the campaign. The first piece is what I think a typical example of D’Aubainnist propaganda would look like, written mainly to give the game some local color and a feeling of the world going on around the characters.

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One way to start an Over the Edge series

The player characters wake up in a squalid little apartment. The wallpapers are torn, there are stains on the floor, and the windows are nearly opaque with grime. But what really catches their attention is a large, strange-looking device in one corner of the room, sporting tangled wiring, weirdly-shaped crystal matrices and several electrodes. And a dead guy, wearing a lab coat and lying in a pool of blood in front of the contraption. Next thing the player characters notice is that they are not wearing their own clothes. Or their own bodies. The face looking back from the mirror is that of a total stranger.

And when the characters have taken in all this, they notice the wanted poster with their new faces.

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News from the Edge

After thinking about it for something like ten years, I’m finally running an Over the Edge campaign. In case you’re not familiar with it, Over the Edge is a role-playing game of bizarre conspiracies, surreal ideas, and general weirdness set in modern day (or more accurately, in mid-nineties). Of course, no Over the Edge series would be complete without colorful news items published in the in-game newspaper Al Amarja Today, so here are two little articles that I’ve typed up for my campaign.

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