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And hereees…… Mandy!

Long time coming, but here’s finally the main villain of my Marvel Heroic convention scenario, the nefarious Mandarin. Since I was designing the scenario around rampant Hulk, I initially thought about making the principal bad guy someone specifically associated with Hulk, such as the Leader. However, these ponderings seemed to lead the plotting of the scenario to dead ends and the options I was considering didn’t feel particularly suited for a high-action ending scene I was aiming for.

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And hereees…… Sandy!

When I started to plan my Marvel Heroic convention scenario, I decided to open it with a straightforward villain-bashing action scene where the players would have a chance get acquainted with the Marvel Heroic rules before the real action begins. Initially I considered Hydro-Man (possibly paired with Electro) as well as the Wreckers to serve as the punching bags, but in the end I settled on Sandman, thinking that a supervillain who had gone against Hulk and nearly defeated Fantastic Four single-handedly would be enough of a challenge for quick a warm-up match. However, as is apparent from my session report, my judgment was way off in that respect. In retrospect, the Wreckers would have probably been the best choice, giving each of the characters something to actually chew on while learning the ropes of the system.

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First time with Marvel Heroic

I recently attended Ropecon, the largest role-playing event in Finland. There I had my first chance to try out Margaret Weis Productions’ new Marvel RPG, Marvel Heroic, running a short session of the game. I had planned a scenario where the player characters were to stop Hulk rampaging on the US East Coast and the players picked Sub-Mariner, Colossus and Rogue as their heroes.

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