About the blog:

From My Gaming Table is a blog about role-playing games, of the tabletop or pen-and-paper variety. As the name implies, the emphasis of the blog is on materials and experiences drawn from games that I have ran or played in. My main gaming interests at the moment are Marvel Heroic, Over the Edge, and Smallville, so the blog will deal mostly – although not exclusively – with them. The blog will be updated semi-regularly depending on the amount of material garnered from my gaming sessions, but I strive to post at least once a month.

About the blogger:

I discovered role-playing games in my early teen years in the late 80’s through the Finnish translation of the Dungeons & Dragons red box and have been an avid roleplayer and gamemaster ever since. My gaming experience includes a plethora of role-playing systems and settings from Runequest to Smallville and from Twilight: 2000 to Tales from Floating Vagabond. Beyond gaming tables cluttered with character sheets and dice, I have helped to put together the Conklaavi role-playing convention a couple of times, been one of the main organizers in the anime-style high-school live-action role-playing game Sakura no yume, and submitted material to the PowerForce Project superhero role-playing setting.

Besides role-playing, I’ve been variously engaged with puppetry, creative anachronism, anime and manga fandom, as well as environmental and political activism. My colorful work history has seen me in jobs ranging from a construction site cleaner to an editor-in-chief. I was born on the Finnish soil, but live currently in North-Western Russia. You can  also find me on Twitter.


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