News from the Edge, part 2

And now some more diegetic role-playing journalism from my Over the Edge series – the next two Al Amarja Today articles written for the campaign. The first piece is what I think a typical example of D’Aubainnist propaganda would look like, written mainly to give the game some local color and a feeling of the world going on around the characters.

The second piece is an Ear to the Rails column – gossip journalism Al Amarjan style, introduced by Robin D. Laws in the ready-made scenario The Doppelgänger Plague. Like the main article in my previous News from the Edge post, the column references mainly the escapades of the player characters – or as one of my players put it: “Looks like we made the news again”. This piece was especially entertaining to write, as the “nudge-nudge-hint-hint” style employed by the fictional columnist Sammy Shei-Mei allowed me to use all kinds of colorful roundabout phrases and euphemistic expressions that would hardly be appropriate in an ordinary journalistic text.

President D’Aubainne opens medical exhibition

THE EDGE (AAT) – Her Exaltedness President Monique D’Aubainne, Historic Liberator and Current Shepherdess of Al Amarja has opened the new permanent exhibition, “Triumphs of Medicine”, at the D’Aubainne Museum of Modern Life.

The new exhibition charts the evolution of medical science from Ancient Egypt and Greek to modern days, with special attention given to breakthroughs of contemporary Al Amarjan physicians.

In her speech Her Exaltedness stressed how the new exhibition will promote the virtues of healthy life that Al Amarjans are famous for, portraying our fine island as the “modern-day Shangri-La”.

Ear to the Rails

After too many gastrointestinal endoscopies and too much hospital food, Sammy is back in action, faithful readers. The rails are running hot and there’s a lot of ground to cover, so let’s get straight to business.

So there’s a new fighter at our favorite establishment by the blossomy plaza. Taking the term ‘dirty fighting’ to it’s logical extremes, the word on the street puts him fittingly in the ranks of our beloved waste disposal professionals. However, Sammy’s sources are shushing that he might actually be an illegitimate offspring from a passionate but much-regretted tryst – between no others than Sir C and Mrs. G.

And what about the unfortunate fellow who had to go against the pus-drenched pugilist first – another newcomer known for his Norse nickname, even though his heritage is said to be Slavic. Sammy hears that he spent no less than two hours under the shower after the bout and the way he was stumbling in his next fight could be a sign of creeping gangrene. His fresh fiancée might have to take the poor guy to the altar in a wheelchair.

Seems like there’s been a lot going at watering hole of the weeping virgin – several reliable eye-witnesses at the location report a lady of most liberal funds having her personal assets being not-so-hostilely taken over by an enterprising Hispanic hunk. Apparently accompanying this business angel on the venture was also her younger sibling, for whom (as you might know) dividends don’t come by days or by months. Like you, Sammy will be curious to see if the bottom line for that transaction will be in the black or perhaps in deep red.

A brief public service notice: It has come to Sammy’s attention that at recent student parties several college girls have been slipped some Valentine candy without their knowledge or consent – and with results that everyone probably knows and wouldn’t consent to. So, be careful out there, all you lovely Sigma Ep ladies.


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