One way to start an Over the Edge series

The player characters wake up in a squalid little apartment. The wallpapers are torn, there are stains on the floor, and the windows are nearly opaque with grime. But what really catches their attention is a large, strange-looking device in one corner of the room, sporting tangled wiring, weirdly-shaped crystal matrices and several electrodes. And a dead guy, wearing a lab coat and lying in a pool of blood in front of the contraption. Next thing the player characters notice is that they are not wearing their own clothes. Or their own bodies. The face looking back from the mirror is that of a total stranger.

And when the characters have taken in all this, they notice the wanted poster with their new faces.

This was how the Over the Edge campaign I’m currently running got started. As none of my players were familiar with the game or the setting beforehand, I gave them a choice of what the first session would be like. They could have a slow start with simple problems to solve and some in-character sight-seeing of the setting before moving on to the main challenge of the session. Or they could start knee-deep in trouble, with a situation demanding immediate action, having to become familiar with the setting on their feet. Of course, they opted for the latter alternative.

From that start the session proceeded to a double-fold game of cat and mouse on the streets of Al Amarja with the player characters both as the pursuers and the pursued, leading them to such places as D’Aubainne University, the posh Sequin’s restaurant and, of course, the ever-popular Sad Mary’s Bar & Girl. The session culminated in an ambush and a hail of taser fire that the characters set up for the culprits to their condition and with the help of the dead scientist’s daughter our protagonists got their bodies back – save for an one-legged ex-military guy, who was actually quite happy with the way things turned out in the end…



  1. Esteban Osorio Gallardo

    My first and second OTE sessions were with the first two plots from the Core book.
    Currently my group choose to use the characters created for the second plot and currently they’re behind Angela Reyes, at the same time one character became in a porn actor in Al Amarja (at the beginning he was raped by a porn actress), other is trying to avoid the cops (he is illegal in the island) and two are trying to get more power. I don’t have any idea in what’s going on in the next sessions.

  2. M.Joukamaa

    I can sympathize with your dilemma – Over the Edge’s wide of variety of setting elements can sometimes actually be somewhat of a hindrance when trying to decide which way to steer the characters next. But since your player characters are investigating Angela Reyes, you could use to your advantage the fact that they probably have attracted already the attention of the island’s existing Throckmortonites. Perhaps a Throckmortonized cell leader from Movers – or maybe even Earthlings – might order his/her underlings to follow or attack the characters, without even realizing him-/herself that the actual reason is to get the player characters off Reyes’ back? That way you could get the characters involved with an intriguing conspiracy for them to untangle and it will take a while for them to figure out why exactly they were targeted.

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