News from the Edge

After thinking about it for something like ten years, I’m finally running an Over the Edge campaign. In case you’re not familiar with it, Over the Edge is a role-playing game of bizarre conspiracies, surreal ideas, and general weirdness set in modern day (or more accurately, in mid-nineties). Of course, no Over the Edge series would be complete without colorful news items published in the in-game newspaper Al Amarja Today, so here are two little articles that I’ve typed up for my campaign.

The first article is about the consequences of our first session – which would have befallen the player characters, had they not been successful – while the second is a little foreshadowing to one of the game’s ready-made adventures. I won’t tell which one, in case my players end up reading this blog, but those familiar with Over the Edge supplements will probably recognize the reference.

Bahrawi, Pastolezzo found dead, Dechapelle goes to jail, Eisenkopf still missing

SKYLLA (AAT) – The dire threat to the lives and well-being of Al Amarjans from a group of fascist terrorists wanted by the Peace Force has been partially averted, as three of the four conspirators have been located and neutralized.

The bodies of Farouk Bahrawi and Ricoberto Pastolezzo were found several days ago floating in the bay waters in Skylla by a port authority security detail. Both of the men had been severely beaten before their throats had been cut open and possible signs of some sort of medical procedure were also found on the bodies. When asked about the unexpected and violent end of the wanted terrorists, lieutenant Anderson of the Peace Force simply responded “Bugger off”.

Third member of the fascist cell, Prudence Dechapelle, was arrested soon after the discovery of Bahrawi’s and Pastolezzo’s bodies. Charges for fascism, terrorism, sabotage, mind control and seditious promiscuity as well as conspiracy to overthrow government and assassinate Her Exaltedness Monique D’Aubainne, Historic Liberator and Current Shepherdess of Al Amarja, were brought against Mrs. Dechapelle at Al Amarjan High Court of Universal Justice. At the end of the three-hour trial Dechapelle was sentenced to life imprisonment in a maximum security facility by the Honorable Judge Borzato.

However, the threat of violent fascist terrorism still looms over the peace-loving residents of Al Amarja, as the nefarious leader of the cell, Leonard ‘Lenny’ Eisenkopf, hasn’t been located yet. The Peace Force is continuing their search for Eisenkopf, although for reasons they declined to comment, the bounty offered for information concerning the fascist leader’s whereabouts has been retracted.

Flowers and Four Points menaced by a “four-armed giant”

THE EDGE (AAT) – Several eyewitnesses have reported to seeing a bizarre four-armed creature in the Flowers and Four Points barrios over the last few days.

“Tall as a tree, with four huge arms and a face in it’s belly, grinning like a maniac!” described one of the eyewitnesses the figure she saw when searching through a garbage pile near the Plaza of Flowers. The sightings to date are said to number at least half a dozen, but no photographs or other conclusive verification for the them have been provided yet.

The incidents have been reported to the Peace Force but they have been reluctant to investigate them further, citing shortage of manpower and resources. The unnamed Peace officer we interviewed wasn’t willing give the sightings any credibility and noted, that in his opinion, they are “nothing but hallucinations and delusions – probably from that tainted pot hitting the streets recently”.


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